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            Transfer Commode Wheelchair

            • Transfer Commode Wheelchair Manufacturers, Transfer Commode Wheelchair Factory, Supply Transfer Commode Wheelchair
            • video
            Transfer Commode Wheelchair
            • Dayang
            • DY077600(2)
            • Foshan China
            • 35-40 days
            • 20000 pcs per month

            All of Dayang Medical products certified by ISO13485,FDA,TUV and CE. Including wheelchairs, shower chairs, commodes, rollators and walking sticks etc. We also have our own lab to have different tests for different products.
            There are over 20 experienced engineers in the R&D team to offer professional service. A finish product, from raw material testing, adjusting, quality control, after-sale service, spare part changed and product maintain, Dayang Medical engineers are dedicated into all these processes to make products improved and service best.

            Transfer Commode Wheelchair DY077600(2)


            Dayang Medical Transfer Commode Wheelchair DY077600(2) is an ideal device to transfer the user from wheelchair to safa, bed, bathroom and other places.Its open design allows for users to get into the transfer wheelchair without the need for care givers to exert themselves. The double lock devices,the safty belt and  brake design make sure of the safety of the users.

            There is a commode round pot and IV stand hole design making the transfer wheelchair muti-function. The hand crank device make the carer easily elevating and descending the users from bed to chair.  This model transfer wheelchair DY07600(2) has a unique design, using only one crank could lift and descend the user. 

            Product Description:

            Steel frame

            2 set hand cranks

            IV stand hole 

            Commode Design

            Open Seat Design

            5" front wheel with brake & 3" rear wheel

            Products Parameters:

            Wheelchair width





            Rear wheel diameterFront wheel diameter

            Seat height

            Wheelchair heightWheelchair lengthSeat depthBack heightWeight capacityWeight

            Product Detail:

            transfer wheelchair

            Transfer Wheelchair Hand Crank

            bed mover

            Transfer Wheelchair Seat Height Adjusting Device

            transfer wheelchair

            Transfer Wheelchair Open Seat & Lock Device

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