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            Smart Light Weight Compact Electric Wheelchair

            • Smart Light Weight Compact Electric Wheelchair Manufacturers, Smart Light Weight Compact Electric Wheelchair Factory, Supply Smart Light Weight Compact Electric Wheelchair
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            Smart Light Weight Compact Electric Wheelchair
            • Dayang
            • DY01105LA
            • Foshan China
            • 35-40 days
            • 2000 pcs per month

            Guangdong Dayang Medical Technology Co.,Ltd two R&D and production facilities are located in Foshan City, one of the company headquarter in Leping Industrial Park is covering over 80000 squares, specializing in smart electric wheelchair development and production.
            The producing machines of the electric wheelchair are all imported from Japan German and USA, the numbers of machines are increasing every year to satisfy the clients' increasing orders.
            Strict quality inspection system is applied in each producing process, from raw material to finish products. Ensure the client's satisfaction when they get the electric wheelchairs.

            Smart Light Weight Foldable Electric Wheelchair DY01105LA


            The Dayang Medical Smart Light Weight Foldable Electric Wheelchair DY01105LA is an durable and fold-able wheelchair which despite its low price compared with same range products from other factories, has a range of features making it the smart options when looking for safety mobility electric wheelchair.

            With its foldable design, the wheelchair electric can be easily carried and stored in almost all kinds of car boots conveniently, allow you enjoy the short trip and holiday with ease. This model electric wheelchair is one of the most popular model  for its fashion outlook and stable performance. 

            This electric wheelchair is with two 300w motors, the battaries are 7.5AH*2 which could be taken outside for chariging around 8-12 hours. The duration is 25km. Also, for this model DY01105LA, it could be made to brushless motor or motor with brush. The motor with brush would make the using more stable, but the weight is heavier compared with the brushless motor.

            Product Feature:

            Aluminium foldable frame

            Flip up armrest and footrest

            8" PU castor

            10" rear wheel

            Product Specification:

            BrandDAYANG WHEELCHAIR-DY01105AWeight24kg
            Overall size1030*630*925mmWeight Capacity100kg
            Front wheel8"Handrail height400mm
            Back wheel10"Seat height530mm
            Speed≤6Km/h (Adjustable)Gradeability15°
            Duration25kmControllerMade in China
            Endurance≤25km (Depending on the road condition)Motor2*300W
            PedalAluminiumCharging Time8-12hours
            Driving modeElectronic( Brushless Motor)Battery capacity7.5AH*2
            Braking ModeElectronic or manual brakeColorSpay wihte

            Product Detail:

            light weight electric wheelchair

            Electric Wheelchair Compact Look

            compact electric wheelchair

            Electric Wheelchair Flip Up Footplate

            smart electric wheelchair

            Electric Wheelchair Battery

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