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            Quapod Height Adjustable Walking Cane

            • Quapod Height Adjustable Walking Cane Manufacturers, Quapod Height Adjustable Walking Cane Factory, Supply Quapod Height Adjustable Walking Cane
            Quapod Height Adjustable Walking Cane
            • Dayang
            • DY05921
            • Foshan China
            • 35-40 days
            • 20000 pcs per month

            All of Dayang Medical products certified by ISO13485,FDA,TUV and CE. Including wheelchairs, shower chairs, commodes, rollators and walking sticks etc. We also have our own lab to have different tests for different products.
            There are over 20 experienced engineers in the R&D team to offer professional service. A finish product, from raw material testing, adjusting, quality control, after-sale service, spare part changed and product maintain, Dayang Medical engineers are dedicated into all these processes to make products improved and service best.

            Quapod Height Adjustable Walking Cane DY05921


            This Dayang Medical Quapod Height Adjustable Walking Cane DY05921 applies chrome steel shining surface to look smart. It is height adjustable through a wide range by operating easily push button. It is quite stable with the quapod maximizing the base. The adding rubber shoes makes additional stability.

            The hot welding of the base and the quapod is all automatically done by the robot arm. It would be more firm and durability. The handgrip is wild, offering comfort for the users.

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