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            Aluminium Portable Folding Wheelchair

            • Aluminium Portable Folding Wheelchair Manufacturers, Aluminium Portable Folding Wheelchair Factory, Supply Aluminium Portable Folding Wheelchair
            Aluminium Portable Folding Wheelchair
            • Dayang
            • DY01863L(3)AJ
            • Foshan China
            • 35-40 days
            • 2000 pcs per month

            Guangdong Dayang Medical Technology Co.,Ltd owns hundred of machines and over dozens of producing line, working staff over 500, warehouse with the load around 300 pcs containers orders. Monthly supply order is around 150-200 pcs containers.
            Dayang Medical is seeking automatic producing line to shorten the producing time and make the producing procedure more accurate. All these efforts are deligated to satisfy the increasing need of our clients from all over the world.

            Aluminium Portable Folding Wheelchair DY01863L(3)AJ


            Dayang Medical Aluminium Portable Folding Wheelchair is an durable and fold-able wheelchair which despite its low price compared with same range products from other factories, has a range of features making it the smart options  when looking to provide safe and secure transit.

            With its aluminum material frame and compact design, the folding wheelchair  can be easily carried and stored in your car boot making it ideal for short trips and for taking on holiday. With the weight of only 10.42kg, the transportation wheelchair can be folded down to allow it to fit into most car boots without difficulty.

            There is auto-lock united brake with the folding wheelchair to ensure the safety when using. The hand rim is made of plastic while the rear wheel is made of PU. Double cross bar makes the folding wheelchair even stronger.

            Product Description:

            Aluminium folding frame

            Half folding backrest 

            Auto-lock united brake

            Fixed armrest and flip up legrest

            6" PVC front castor

            20" PU spoke wheel

            Products Parameters:

            Wheelchair width





            Rear wheel diameterFront wheel diameter

            Seat height

            Wheelchair heightWheelchair lengthSeat depthBack heightWeight capacityWeight

            Product Detail:

            aluminium wheelchair

            Folding Wheelchair Double Cross Bar for Enforcement

            portable wheelchair

            Folding Wheelchair Flip up Legrest

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