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            The 2019 Supply Chain Strategy Alliance Conference was Successfully Held


            Dayang Medical held the 2019 Supply Chain Strategic Alliance Conference with the theme of "Sharing, Progress, and Double Win" On April 12th 2019. The company’s chairman and general manager Mr. Huang , deputy general manager Ms. Tang, deputy general manager Mr.Jiang , general manager assistant Mr.Du, factory director Ms.Liu, financial director Ms.Chen and other company leaders attended the meeting with 55 representatives from 48 suppliers.

            The 2019 Supply Chain Strategy Alliance Conference was Successfully Held

            Beforethe meeting, the participants, accompanied by the company's leaders, visited the company's Nanhai Changhongling Industrial Park production base, Sanshui Leping Industrial Park production base and company exhibition halls. Company leaders introduced the factory’s smart production equipment, production scale and the latest styles of smart electric wheelchair to the supplier representatives in detail.

            The 2019 Supply Chain Strategy Alliance Conference was Successfully Held

            In the meeting, Mr.Huang  the chairman and general manager of the company, delivered a keynote speech on "Sharing, Progress and Double Win". Analysis The current industry is in a period of rapid development. The company will grasp the direction of market development, improve corporate management capabilities, increase investment in new product research and development, and continuously increase market share. We hope that our supplier partners have confidence in the company's development and the future of the industry. Dayang Medical is willing to unite strength with our supplier partners to move forward courageously and expand the market together. At the same time, it emphasized that Dayang Medical should establish a "friendly and clear" cooperative relationship with its supplier partners and maintain a fair cooperation environment. 

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