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            About Us

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            Number of Employees 201-500 People
            Annual sales More than US$50 Million
            Established in 2009

            Guangdong Dayang Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 2009, is a leading manufacturer in design, production and sales of medical equipments. It owns two major brands, DAYANG and DAHOO. Its main products are electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, sport wheelchairs, commodes, walkers, hospital beds, walking sticks etc. 

            The company locates in Foshan, hinterland of Guangdong-HK-Macao Greater Bay Area.  It has two R&D and production bases. Headquarter is in Changhongling Industrial Park, Nanhai District. The subsidiary Foshan Dahoo Medical Technology Co., Ltd., covering a land area of over 80000 square meters and specializing in electric wheelchairs development and production, is located in Leping Industrial Park, one of the fifty-three national high-tech development zone in China. 

            Dayang medical has been taking quality as the biggest concern. It is ISO13485, FDA and TUV certified, with its products CE approved. The company strictly follows the quality principle of 100-1=0, and implements professional quality management system on practical operation. Its persistance in scientific and technological innovation, continuous investment in R&D of electric products, and personalized design for high-end products, make it a national high-tech enterprise with numerous national patents.

            Dayang Medical has been taking integrity, efficiency, persistence and human care as the core of business philosophy. It is driven by technology, oriented by quality. The Professional quality control system, rich experience in production and good customer service, ensure Dayang Medical to supply high quality, fashion, comfortable and exquisite products for global market. 

            Dayang medical will create a brilliant future .

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            Privacy policy

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